Payroll Update 6 September 2021

News for School Payroll Staff

6 September 2021

In this payroll update:

  • One month until timesheets and leave Novopay Online switch-off
  • Coming very soon to EdPay
  • Questions about EdPay
  • ACC annual levy to be deducted on 29 September
  • Check professional development leave booked in EdPay before 30 August
  • Are your employees' details are up to date and correct
  • Teachers' Pay Equity Claim
  • Holiday pay reduction for teachers

One month until timesheets and leave Novopay Online switch-off

If you're not already using EdPay for timesheets and leave, we encourage you to give it a go, as the timesheet and leave functions will be switched off in Novopay Online in a month (6 October).

How to get ready for the 6 October switch-off if you're not already using EdPay
(1) Log on to EdPay (same username and password as Novopay Online). Familiarise yourself with the layout and workings of the EdPay timesheet and leave functions.

Watch these videos:

(2) Use the EdPay timesheet and leave functions as much as possible before 6 October.
(3) Contact your friendly payroll advisor with questions, or if you need help.

Here's some feedback on using EdPay from Pauline, who is an executive officer at a school:

"I just wanted to say how great I am finding EdPay's new functions - everything is so easy to find and access (reports etc) and the processing side is so much easier. I really like how you can instantly see exactly what you have processed as a great double-check. I haven't touched Novopay Online since you went live with the timesheet and leave processing and report availability on EdPay and am happy not to go back."

Coming very soon to EdPay

New EdPay administrator type (timesheets and leave only)
Principals requested that a new EdPay administrator type be created to cater for current school administrators who require payroll administrator access that isn't school-wide. In response we're releasing a Timesheets and Leave Administrator (TLA) option soon.

These users will be able to:

  • view their school's employee list but not view personal and financial details
  • submit timesheet transactions
  • submit leave transactions
  • view the timesheet and leave transaction histories.

To reflect this change, we're updating our Novo5 form and rebranding it as the EdPay5.
We'll be back in touch to let you know how to on-board any new TLAs.

Leave CSV upload
As with the timesheet CSV upload that was released recently, schools that upload bulk CSVs from their school's SMS will be able to do so with EdPay leave transactions.

CSV download to print (timesheets and leave)
Administrators have requested the ability to print timesheet and leave transaction histories, as part of their school's checking and tracking of EdPay transactions. You'll soon be able to download your timesheet and leave transaction histories as a csv, to save as a digital copy and/or print.

Checking, tracking and audit
We'll soon be releasing a brief guide and a video with suggestions around the approval, tracking and checking of transactions in EdPay. We suggest you discuss this with your auditor to ensure they reassess their approach to auditing your payroll, if needed.

Questions about EdPay

There have been some common themes and questions about making the switch to EdPay and we've updated our FAQs and answers about timesheets and leave.

We'll be letting you know when new features are added and sending you information about how to use them over the next month as we count down to the switch-off.

ACC annual levy to be deducted on 29 September

We will be deducting your ACC annual levy invoice from your school's bank account on 29 September.

To access the invoice, log in to Novopay Online and go to the "My Reporting" tab and choose ACC EoY (invoice to schools) and select the 2021 invoice. The 2021 ACC annual levy is based on net leviable earnings. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover this deduction.

For more information about payments and rates that make up this year's levy, visit the Novopay website

Check professional development leave booked in EdPay before 30 August

Due to a defect in EdPay, any professional development leave bookings before 30 August may have been incorrectly allocated. These errors were identified and rectified. However, if you booked professional development leave for staff in EdPay before 30 August, please check your Banking Staffing Report for accuracy, and if you have concerns, please talk to your payroll advisor.

Any professional leave booked from 30 August 2021 in EdPay has been loaded on the correct leave code.

Are your employees' details are up to date and correct

We've noted a number of employees' personal details are incorrect in the payroll system. Staff may have changed addresses, got married and changed their surnames to their married names, or changed their email addresses and phone numbers when they changed service providers. Maintaining accurate personal and contact details will enable EPL to prevent errors and privacy issues, and comply with legal requirements. We recommend schools to perform the following details update every six months (once at start of year and once at mid-year):

  • name
  • physical (postal) address
  • phone contact
  • email address

If you haven't done a check in the past six months, please do so and update details as soon as possible.

Teachers' Pay Equity Claim

Last year, NZEI Te Riu Roa and the Post Primary Teachers' Association/Te Wehengarua raised pay equity claims for teachers, under the Equal Pay Act 1972.

Their claims have now been consolidated into the Teachers' Pay Equity Claim. The claim spans across early childhood teachers who are working for employers that are involved in the claim, as well as early intervention teachers; primary, area, composite, and secondary school teachers and kaiako. This includes primary, intermediate, area, composite, and secondary school principals and tumuaki, and those doing the same or substantially similar work.

The claim will automatically cover teachers, kaiako, principals and tumuaki unless they choose to opt out or have already raised or settled their own pay equity claim. On Wednesday 18 August, most teachers, kaiako, principals and tumuaki, and employees doing the same or substantially similar work, received an email from EPL on behalf of the Ministry of Education. The emailed letter and factsheet notified employees about the Teachers Pay Equity Claim and outlined rights and obligations under pay equity law in the Equal Pay Act 1972, including information about the options to either stay in or opt out of the claim.

We know some emails sent on 18 August were not received as the information bounced back to us. Printed notification letters and a factsheets will be posted to people who did not receive the email as soon as the COVID-19 alert levels allow us to return to the office. As a reminder, there are some teachers, kaiako, principals and tumuaki, and anyone doing the same or substantially similar work who have not provided an email address in EdPay. To make sure all teachers, kaiako, principals and tumuaki receive all correspondence and stay informed, their contact details need to be maintained. Please ask your authorised payroll users to continue to work with teachers and kaiako to check that their contact details are accurate in EdPay. More information about pay equity claims in the education sector or about how the claims are progressing is available on

If you have any questions, you can contact

Holiday pay reduction for teachers

If a teacher takes unpaid leave during a school term, a holiday pay reduction may be needed. At the beginning of each vacation period, required holiday pay reductions are calculated for all teachers who have taken unpaid leave during the term just completed. (In some instances, further holiday pay reductions are required resulting from prior terms.) The holiday pay reduction will be made from the employee's pay that falls over that vacation period. As each sector has its own set of Holiday Pay Reduction calculation rules, we have created a useful table with links to each collective agreement. For more information view the Holiday Pay Reduction (HPR) for Teachers page.

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