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What are the requirements for submitting Salary Assessment application forms online?

Make sure you are using the latest version of our Smart Forms. Please ensure to complete your application form electronically and not by hand, in order to ensure that the Salary Assessment Unit will be able to read and understand the information listed.

Please click here for more information about Smart Forms:

Please also see our checklist for Submitting Salary Assessment Application Forms.

What is an Electronic signature?

An electronic signature is your and your principal's typed full legal name (first name, all middle names and last name) in the signature fields of your application form.


Why do I have to get all my documentation certified?

As your salary assessment application is submitted online, all supporting documentation will be submitted in photocopied and scanned form.

In order to verify that the content of this copied and scanned documentation is authentic we require confirmation and certification of these copies by a reputable person to meet the legal and business requirements of your salary assessment.

Who can certify my documents?

The Oaths and Declarations Act 1957, section 9, contains a list of people allowed to take declarations. It includes:

  • Justice of the Peace (JP)
  • Barrister or Solicitor of the High Court
  • Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the court.
Please note: We also accept certification issued by school principals and police officers as long as their badge number is included on the certification details.

What must certification contain?

  • The statement "This document is a certified, true copy of the original" or "I have sighted the electronic version of the Original documents" in written or stamped form.
  • Signature, name and position title of the certifier and date of the certification clearly below their signature.
  • The school stamp if certification by the school principal.

What is a Statement of Service?

It is a letter confirming that you were employed at an organisation and that provides further details regarding your employment conditions. These details will be used in order to accurately calculate the service credits you are claiming for.

What is required on a Statement of Service?

  • A short description of your service
  • The exact start date and end date (dd/mm/yyyy) of your employment
  • If the work was full time or part time
  • If part time service, the total hours or hours per week must be detailed in full
  • The statement of service must be issued on an official letterhead
  • The statement of service must be signed by the writer

I am unable to provide a statement of service containing the required information. Are any other documents acceptable in place of statement of service?

If you are, despite your best attempts, unable to provide a statement of service for your previous employment, you may provide a Statutory Declaration instead.

Important Note: All Statutory Declarations are to be approved by the Ministry of Education. Accordingly, the Salary Assessment Unit will forward your Statutory Declaration and supporting evidence to the Ministry of Education.

Where do I find a Statutory Declaration?

You can download a statutory declaration for print and completion via the following link:

Can my Principal sign the Statutory Declaration?

No. As it is a legal document, it must be sighted and signed by a lawyer, Justice of the Peace, or Notary Public.

What do I write on my Statutory Declaration?

Statutory Declarations should include the following information:

  • The date the employment started (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • The date the employment ended (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • A description of the type of work done
  • Confirmation that the employment was full time or part time
  • If the employment was part time or casual, the number of hours per week worked or the total hours worked over the period of employment

What evidence shall I provide to support my Statutory Declaration?

The Ministry of Education will only accept Statutory Declarations if they are accompanied by corroborating evidence. This evidence may take the form of:

  • Pay slips
  • Letters of resignation
  • Offers of appointment
  • Salary increase notifications
  • Contracts
  • Tax Forms (as long as they clearly state the employer)
  • Letters from colleagues
  • References
  • Super scheme contribution notification
  • Any other appropriate documentation
Please supply at least two types of the above listed documentation for each employment listed on your statutory declaration.

Why do I need to get a NZQA report?

Overseas qualifications will generally require translation into New Zealand Academic Standard, in order to determine the academic level of your qualification in New Zealand.

Some qualifications, from specific countries, have been pre-assessed and translated by NZQA, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. These qualifications are listed on the "NZQA exempt qualifications list" and on the Immigration New Zealand website.

If your qualifications do not meet the criteria detailed on these lists, we would require an NZQA report (IQA) to assess the New Zealand equivalence of your overseas qualification. This assessment will determine your correct qualification group and entry salary step.

How do I know if my overseas qualification meets the criteria of being an exempt from translation into New Zealand Academic Standard?

Please check the overseas qualification exempt list available on the NZQA website and the New Zealand Immigration website:


Immigration NZ: (Go to Appendices, then to Appendix 3)

I have sent in my application but have not yet heard anything from you.

We have up to 15 working days to reply to your request or query. You should hear back from us within 16 days from the date of receipt.

My IRD number is not working to open your letter.

If you have an 8-digit IRD number then you must add a "0" (zero) in front to make it 9 digits.

I do not know my MOE number.

This number will be conveyed to you by your school administrator or school principal as part of the hiring process. If you have not been given this number yet, please contact your school administrator or school principal to obtain this information.

I am due for my annual increment (increase in pay). Do I have to complete a NOVO7t for this?

No, it is up to your school principal to have you attested. Please note that annual increments are subject to school internal performance review.

What grade and step might I be on?

We are unable to advise your grade and step until with have received and completed your application.

However, you may check the Collective Agreement for your school sector to give you an idea of what you may be assess at:

Primary Schools

Go to Part 3 also check Appendix 6

Secondary Schools

Go to Part 4 also check Appendix A

Area Schools

Go to Part 3 also check Appendix 7
I don't have my graduation certificate yet. What other documentation can I provide as evidence of my qualification?
You can provide an official letter from your education provider confirming the name of your qualification and the date you became eligible to graduate.
Can I send you black and white copies of all my documents?
Certified true copies must be scanned and emailed in colour. We cannot accept certified true copies that are scanned in black and white. If your document is issued in black and white, please have it certified in colour.

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