EdPay – FAQs

Updated 27 September 2021

We’ve put these FAQs together based on the questions that you, our school administrators, have asked us. We hope your question is answered here, but if it’s not or if you require clarification, please chat to your friendly payroll advisor or email feedback@edpay.nz

Will Novopay Online be switched off?

Yes. We’re doing this in two stages:
     1) We’re aiming to switch off Novopay Online timesheets and leave features on 6 October 2021.
     2) The remainder of Novopay Online will be switched off on 20 October 2021.

Why the change?

There are two main reasons for the transition to Edpay. Firstly, our schools have been telling us for some time that they would like Novopay Online to be replaced by a more user friendly online payroll application. Secondly, for technical reasons, the Novopay Online portal is nearing the end of its useful life.

When entering timesheets and leave, how can I add multiple entries for the same employee, or several different employees at the same time, rather than one at a time?

Use the search for and add employees option in the modal (box) that pops up on the timesheet screen and the leave screen.

Why can’t we change the details of relievers in EdPay?

Because relievers are employed across multiple schools, there are privacy issues to work through as part of a future solution. We’re looking into this as part of our plan in the medium term.

How I can print timesheet and leave timesheet and leave records for approval and audit?

Please use the download CSV button to download timesheet or leave histories, then save or print

Has a timesheet-and-leave-only access type been created in Edpay (in addition to the current school-wide access)?Yes. Around 160 schools currently have a Novopay Online (NOL) administrator who is one of the following:

  • teacher administrator
  • non-teacher administrator
  • reliever administrator

These administrators currently have limited NOL access but are unable to log in to EdPay. With timesheets and leave being switched off in NOL, they will need to be on-boarded as EdPay users, with their school submitting an EdPay5 form (this is replacing the NOVO5).
These administrators can either:

1. Be upgraded to full school-wide administrators, with access to all functions and employee records
2. Become EdPay Timesheet and Leave Administrators (TLA), with the ability to:

  • view their school’s employee list but not view personal and financial details
  • submit timesheet transactions
  • submit leave transactions
  • view the timesheet and leave transaction histories.
What you need to do if you have one of these administrators
Decide whether your NOL teacher, non-teacher and reliever administrators will become EdPay TLAs (Timesheet and Leave Admins) or school-wide admins.
Submit an EdPay5 form, as soon as possible, on behalf of each of these administrators. The form can be found here.

Please note: your school will need to send a separate email (with the form attached) for each new administrator.
Instruct the administrator to log into EdPay, using their current NOL username and password, once confirmation of their form’s processing has been received.

Why is the Transaction Report not using to EdPay?
Some schools have asked us why we're not moving the report over so we want to share the reasons for this change and suggest an alternative approach. 

Schools have consistently asked us to have everything online and in one place. With the intention of having all features in one online home, EdPay is moving away from static pdf reports, in favour of live dashboard-type screens. The first of these are the timesheet and leave transaction histories, which together can be used in place of the key items in the Transaction Report. For more information, see our FAQ page here

I want to save timesheet and leave entries each day, then submit them on Friday. Can I do this in Edpay?
Saving drafts is not a current feature. Most schools tell us that they use their school's approval/checking process before entering payroll data. After entry they then use the SUE Report to cross check.

Which payroll records should I monitor and keep for audit?

Our website has a one page document Internal Control Guidance for Schools' Payroll Expenses. It may be useful as a source of reference, alongside guidance from your auditor and the Ministry of Education. It can be found here