Payroll Update 5 April

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The first new pay cycle is now less than three weeks away, starting 20 April. 

Here are some things you can do to help you get ready:

1. Ensure you are familiar with the new deadlines and cut-offs

Ensure you are familiar with any deadlines and cut-offs that have moved and factor these into your office payroll schedule.
Check out the new fortnightly pay cycle:

2. Note the key schedule changes

a. The introduction of a Thursday (day 9) 5.30pm cut-off for online pay transactions that are processed immediately.
Submissions after this cut-off will be processed but not paid until the following pay day.

b. The first SUE report being available at 9am Friday (day 10), with a deadline of 5pm for any adjustments to correct errors. 

3. Know how to submit adjustments to correct errors in the first SUE  

Here's everything you need to know about how to submit adjustments to correct errors in the first draft SUE (available Friday, day 10):

4. Know how and when to submit out of cycle payments for employees

Here's everything you need to know about submitting out of cycle payments:

More about why we’re changing

Our bank is no longer allowing us to stop pays, so overpayments are likely to increase if we maintain the status quo. With our current final cut-off being only (approx) 24 hours before the funds are actually paid, there’s very little time to correct errors to stop overpayments, and we have been relying on the stop pay facility to mitigate this. 

Currently, around 25,000 transactions are submitted between the first draft SUE on Thursday (day 9) and close of business on Monday (day 13). This puts immense pressure on our team to get your employees paid accurately, and on time.

The new cycle cut-off will be on Thursday, which will allow more time to correct errors and submit out-of-cycle payments, resulting in more accurate and timely pay.

We acknowledge that this may require you to change your payroll submission and processing schedules to match the new deadlines and we appreciate your work in adapting to the new pay cycle.

Out-of-cycle payments can be used to pay employees who can't wait

We do not want to cause financial hardship for employees. The new out of cycle payments process can be used to pay employees who simply can’t wait until the next pay day to be paid. See the link above for details or click here. [EdPay website] 

Information for school employees

Here’s a one-pager that you can share with your employees, to help clarify these changes and how they will affect them.
The schools’ pay cycle is changing [PDF, 605KB]

Need more information?

Here are links to new and updated resources on about the new pay cycle – applicable from PP03 (20 April 2022)

Want to ask a question or give feedback?

We've put together FAQs from some of the questions we've had so far and have published them above (or click here).
If you have a questions that's not answered, or if you want to provide feedback about the new pay cycle, please email

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