Payroll Update 20 April 2022

News for School Payroll Staff

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In this issue:

  • New pay cycle has started
  • Salary assessment processing delays
  • Callbacks and phone hours

New pay cycle has started

The new pay cycle starts from 20 April. Here’s a reminder of key deadlines, cut-offs and reports over the next two weeks. Please note that Monday 25 April is ANZAC Day.

Which EdPay transactions are processed immediately, and which aren’t?

You will need to know this to match cut-offs and deadlines to your submissions.

For the following list, click here:

  1. Submissions that will always validate and process immediately
  2. Submissions that will always generate a ticket
  3. Submissions that may either be processed immediately or generate a ticket (depending on the information provided in the submission)

For more information

Click the pay cycle changes box or check out the links below it on home page for detailed information.

Salary assessment processing delays

It has been a busy time for our salary assessment team, with an increase in applications and staff shortages resulting in longer-than-usual processing times. We apologise to those who have been affected by this and are working hard to process applications and clear the application backlog. If someone has an application in the system, we will contact them once it is finalised, or if we need more information to complete the assessment. Once we have processed the backlog of applications, we will be focusing on how we can improve our salary assessment service.

Callbacks and phone hours

In response to feedback from authorised users about School Account Team assistance outside our dedicated phone hours, we have started a callback system. While we recommend people contact us by phone during our phone hours, we recognise there are times when this may not be possible. In order to provide further support to schools, you can request a callback, so we can assist you before the phone lines open or after they close.

To request a callback outside our regular phone hours (9.30am to 3.30pm weekdays), please send an email to with “CALLBACK” as the subject line. In the body of the email, please give us a guide on a time you would be available to take a call, and a general idea of how we can best help you. If the request is urgent, then we recommend you call during business hours, so we can assist you directly. Note: the Payroll Update on 11 April incorrectly listed EPL's regular phone hours. 

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