Payroll Update 2 Nov 2022

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In this update:

  • It's time to complete your End of Year processing
  • Last day of duty End of Year tip
  • Phasing out the NOVO3 form, except for day-to-day reliever changes
  • Helpful resources
  • Tell us who to contact in case of a payroll emergency

It's time to complete your End of Year processing

The End of Year process ensures all your employees are paid correctly over the term 4 holidays, which comes down to answering these four questions:

1. Is your school's end date for term 4 2022 correct?
2. Which employees' jobs are ending (terminating) in term 4 2022?
3. Which continuing employees will have a last day for 2022 that is different to your school's term 4 end date?
4. Have you booked annual leave for your 52-week workers?

Schools must have submitted this information by 5pm on 21 November 2022. You will not be able to change your school's term 4 2022 end date after the End of Year screen closes.

Click here to go to the End of Year Everything you need page  on
You can also watch our End of Year video (opens in

The End of Year Report is available until 21 November – please save a copy for your records.

You may have noticed that some fixed-term teachers currently have their end date showing as 29 January 2023, instead of the usual date of 27 January 2023. We have changed the end date temporarily so that fixed-term teachers' roles can be terminated, if needed, in the End of Year screen.  We will correct the date back to 27 January and their pay won’t be affected. There is nothing you need to do.

 Extended phone hours

We heard in the survey that you wanted to know what our extended phone hours would be for End of Year. Our extended phone hours will be:

  • 9am–4pm from 14–18 November, and
  • 8.30am–5pm on Monday 21 November.

We're increasing our phone support hours during the last week of End of Year so you can get the help you need from your payroll adviser (but please don't wait to start your tasks).

Last day of duty–End of Year tip

Entering your employee’s last day of duty in the End of Year screen ensures the correct calculation and payment of holiday pay, but it does not remove the employee from the payroll.

If an employee is working on the school’s last day of term 4, then their last day of duty will be the same as the school’s term 4 end date. In the End of Year screen, you need to leave their last day of duty field blank and EdPay will assign the last day of duty as the same as your school’s term 4 end date.

However, there will be employees who won’t be working on your school’s last day of term, and their last day of duty may be different and will need to be entered manually in the End of Year screen.

On our website we have a range of different examples for employees with different last days of duty. For fixed-term full-time teachers, permanent full-time teachers, term-time only auto-paid non-teachers, and part-time teachers.

If you need help with deciding an employee’s last day of duty, read through the examples on this page: EdPay | How to | End of Year | End of Year preparation | Last day of duty 

Last week we visited a school and were asked a curly last day of duty question. If a part-time employee usually works on Thursdays and Fridays only, and the school’s term 4 end date is on a Wednesday, what is their last day of duty?

We took this back to our End of Year experts, who confirmed that the last day of duty would be the Wednesday, the school’s term 4 end date. So in the End of Year screen the employee’s last day of duty field could be left blank as EdPay will default to it being the school’s term 4 end date. 

Phasing out the NOVO3 form, except for day-to-day reliever changes

With most schools doing as much as they can online, the Employee details changes NOVO3 form is being phased out for employees, except for day-to-day relievers.  

Please still submit a NOVO3 to make changes to day-to-day relievers’ financial, pay or personal details, but use EdPay for all other employees. There are guides for how to do this in Edpay on our website here: EdPay | Training | Employees details changes

If a NOVO3 is sent in for employees (other than day-to-day relievers) you will be asked to make the change in EdPay instead.

Thank you for your assistance.

Helpful resources

You might have seen some of our team at one of the regional school administrator’s conferences.  Our presentation slides are on the website here: Conference presentation

Did you know there is an EdPay training section on our website, with online, printable and video guides to most of the processes that can be completed in EdPay.  This includes:

  • Getting started in EdPay
  • Allowances
  • Checking transactions using the activity history and timesheet and leave histories
  • Change or add funding or department codes
  • Employee details changes
  • Booking leave
  • Leave reversal
  • Add an employee
  • Terminate job
  • Submitting timesheets

Check these out on the Training page of the EdPay website.

Tell us who to contact in case of payroll emergency

Sometimes we need to contact your school and we cannot get a response via the existing contact details (especially when schools are closed due to lockdowns or the term 4 break). We need the name, phone number and email address of your school's designated authorised user. If you've already told us you don't need to do anything. Otherwise let us know the right contact by emailing with 'Emergency contact' in the subject line.

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