Payroll Update 11 April 2022

News for School Payroll Staff


11 April 2022

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In this Payroll Update:

  • Key dates for Pay Period 02
  • Holiday pay reduction for teachers
  • Pay Ending Report
  • Callbacks available on request
  • EdPay enhancements
  • Payslip re-mail
  • COVID-19 disregarded sick leave

Key dates for Pay Period 02

There is a shortened pay cycle in this pay period due to Easter:
• please ensure that all of your timesheets and leave are entered in EdPay by Wednesday 13 April at 5pm so that people are paid in Pay Period 02
• there is only one draft SUE report on Thursday 14 April, which will not include termination pay. There is no second draft SUE.
• the final SUE report will be on Monday 18 April, which will include termination pay.
• this is the last pay period for stop pays on Tuesday 19 April.
• the pay day for Pay Period 02 is still Wednesday 20 April.

Holiday pay reduction for teachers

If a teacher takes unpaid leave during a school term, a holiday pay reduction may be needed. At the beginning of each vacation period, required holiday pay reductions are calculated for all teachers who have taken unpaid leave during the term just completed. (In some instances, further holiday pay reductions are required resulting from prior terms.) The holiday pay reduction will be made from the employee's pay that falls over that vacation period. As each sector has its own set of Holiday pay reduction calculation rules, we have created a useful table with links to each collective agreement. For more information view the Holiday Pay Reduction (HPR) for Teachers page.

Pay Ending Report

Please check your Pay Ending Report before the end of term to check if there are any jobs needing to be extended or terminated. The Pay Ending Report shows employees whose job are due to end in the next 90 days, and who will not be paid after the job end date shown. It also shows jobs that have ended but have not been terminated. It is available on the EdPay portal with your other reports.

If there is no Pay Ending Report available to download for your school, then your school does not have any employees on the report. Lapsed jobs will be automatically terminated two pay periods after the employee's job end date. A job will show as lapsed in the EdPay portal if the employee's end date is in the past. It can still be extended at this point. There is more information on the Pay Ending report on our website.

Callbacks available on request

In response to feedback from authorised users about School Account Team assistance outside our dedicated phone hours, we have started a callback system. While we recommend people contact us by phone during our phone hours, we recognise there are times when this may not be possible. In order to provide further support to schools, you can request a callback, so we can assist you before the phone lines open or after they close.

To request a callback outside our regular phone hours (9.30am to 3.30pm weekdays), please send an email to with “CALLBACK”as the subject line. In the body of the email, please give us a guide on a time you would be available to take a call, and a general idea of how we can best help you. If the request is urgent, then we recommend you call during business hours, so we can assist you directly.

EdPay enhancements

We have added visibility for more types of submissions into the Activity History screen. These will appear when:

  • you submit a tax code change using EdPay
  • you or a member of the School Account Team request a payslip to be re-sent to one of your employees.

Payslip re-mail

School employees' payslips (for current employees or those terminated up to two pay periods previously) can now be re-mailed to the employee's email address using EdPay.

Payslips can be sent if they are dated within the last 500 days. For older payslips or previously terminated employees, please send a request to the School Account Team at

To re-mail employee payslips:
Log into EdPay > My School tab  > Administration > Payslip Re-Mail

• Select the employee or type in their name/MOE number
• Confirm their email address is correct and update (if needed) before sending re-mail request
• Select the available pay periods, and click SEND.
For more information on Payslip re-mail, visit the EdPay website

COVID-19 disregarded sick leave

If a teacher or principal tests positive for COVID-19, they are automatically required to isolate for a period of time by Public Health. Teachers or principals required to take sick leave during the period they are instructed to isolate, are eligible for COVID-19 disregarded sick leave.

When they return to work, the teacher or principal must ask their school or kura to apply for disregarded sick leave on their behalf. Disregarded sick leave applies only when the teacher or principal has contracted COVID-19. It does not apply to sick leave taken to care for dependants or any other form of leave.

The school or kura must submit a completed online application form, which will then be sent to the Ministry of Education. It is important that all relevant information is provided to ensure the application can be processed. In some instances, the Ministry may request evidence that the period of leave was due to the teacher or principal contracting COVID-19.

Disregarded sick leave is provided in all Primary, Secondary, and Area School Teachers’ and Principals’ employment agreements. This allows sick leave, in specific circumstances, to be recredited to a teacher’s or principal’s entitlement.

Further information about disregarded sick leave and how to apply can be found here.

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