Payroll Update 5 May 2023

News for School Payroll Staff


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PPTA teacher members covered by the Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement and Area School Teachers’ Collective Agreement (ASTCA), and NZEI teacher members covered by the ASTCA are planning to strike during the week of 8-12 May.  

PPTA strike action at secondary and area schools will be on different days during 9-12 May.  

NZEI strike action at area schools will be on different days between 9-11 May (South Island 9 May; Lower North Island 10 May; Upper North Island 11 May).

Schools with teachers taking part in the strike need to go to the Strike Action screen in EdPay and check and submit the details about which teachers are participating in the strike, and enter the hours usually worked for part-time employees.

Submit your info within two days of the strike day

A new drop-down box will appear on the Strike Action screen before each day’s strike.

Choose the drop-down box with the correct date your teachers are striking eg 9 May 2023. Then check and submit your info within two days of the strike. 

Please don’t apply for union leave without pay for teachers — use the strike screen instead.  

If a school hasn’t submitted their strike info within two days (of their strike), EPL will submit the info on the school’s behalf.


Collective agreement

Area School Teachers’ Collective Agreement and Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement


Strike day

Submit your info by:


9 May 2023

5pm, 10 May


10 May 2023

5pm, 11 May


11 May 2023

5pm, 12 May


12 May 2023

5pm, 15 May

Part-time hours field is now compulsory

If you have part-time teachers who are striking, please enter the hours they would usually work on the strike day in the Part-time hours usually worked column. This is now a compulsory field and you won’t be able to submit the school’s information until you’ve completed this field.

If, on the day of the strike, the part-time teacher usually…

then (in hh:mm format)

doesn’t work

enter 0:00 in the part-time hours column or change their status to No

works from 2pm–3.30pm ie 1.5 hours

enter 1:30 in the part-time hours column

works from 9am–12 noon ie 3 hours

enter 3:00 in the part-time hours column

works a full day

enter 8:00 in the part-time hours column

When will teachers’ pay be deducted?

After the strike screen closes, we will process the information and make deductions for time spent on strike in pay period 5, pay day 30 May. Affected teachers will be sent a letter from the Ministry of Education about this.

See our website for more instructions and information – Strike action

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