Payroll Update 31 May 2022

News for School Payroll Staff


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Dates to remember

Monday 6 June – Queen's birthday weekend
Friday 24 June – Matariki

Termination payment visibility – actions in response to your feedback

Recent feedback has told us that you require more immediate visibility of termination amounts, once termination payments have been made to employees. In response, we will be producing a Terminations SUE Report, available after payments have been made to employees, which is usually by 9pm on Wednesday (day 1).

  • The purpose of the Terminations SUE Report is to make termination payments visible, as soon as the payments have been made. 
  • The first Terminations SUE Report will be available by 9pm on Wednesday 1 June 2022.  It will be in the same format as the SUE reports, and will be accessible through the reports section in EdPay. If you have no termination payments in the pay period, it will be blank.
  • The Terminations SUE Report will be available temporarily, from late on day 1 (Wednesday) until it is replaced by the ‘First SUE Report’ on day 10 (Friday). You may choose to download a save copy of each Terminations SUE Report for your records. 
  • The termination payments will still feature in the First SUE Report (day 10), as it is the SUE report that shows all payments made to employees during the pay period.

 Note: the pay day listed on the Terminations SUE Report is the pay day for the pay period.

SUE adjustment EP31s

Please only submit SUE adjustment EP31s to correct transactions that are listed on your First SUE Report (day 10) and remember to use the email subject line: SUE adjustment (name, MOE number)  

This really helps our school account teams to process your submissions in a timely manner.

Help us to help you 

Please only call if it's essential

Our payroll advisors take your calls and process your tickets. Due to staff shortages, sickness and higher ticket volumes, it has been a challenge for our payroll advisors to be able to get through the outstanding tickets each fortnight. Non-essential calls, particularly around the end of the pay period, slow down the processing of tickets. Your patience and help with this is much appreciated. 

Don't reply to closed tickets – your reply will not be received

When a ticket has been closed, you will not be able to contact the pay centre when you reply to it. If you do reply to a closed ticket, the response will not get through and your payroll advisor will not have access to it. Please send through a new request, or contact your payroll advisor to discuss a closed ticket.

Which EdPay transactions create tickets?

Some EdPay transactions will always create a manual ticket that needs to be processed by a payroll advisor (eg a new hire – new teacher), while some will create a ticket depending on what is included (eg a retrospective allowance change).  

Others will be processed immediately (eg changing a bank account) and will show a ‘successful’ status in the Edpay activity history. We are working to increase the number of transaction types that have immediate processing.

If you want to know why a ticket has been created, instead of your request being processed immediately, check out the EdPay submissions page:

Reminder: transactions that can be processed immediately through EdPay will need to be submitted by the cut-off on Thursday (day 9) at 5.30pm to be included in the current pay period’s pay day.

Some employees receiving pay Tuesday morning (day 14)

The new pay cycle changes have meant that some bank processing happens earlier than previously. This means that some employees will see their pay in their bank account early on Tuesday morning (day 14). Pay slips will still be issued on a Tuesday afternoon.

Salary assessment and ACC claim processing delays

The sharp rises in salary assessment applications and ACC claims have combined with staff shortages and absences to result in longer-than-usual processing times. Due to the highly specialised nature of the work, losing a number of skilled and experienced staff at the end of last year has meant a reduction in capacity, while new staff are recruited and get up to speed. Our staff have been working hard to process outstanding salary assessment applications and ACC claims and have been successful in reducing the size of the queue and are working overtime and weekends to clear the backlog. We acknowledge that this is unacceptable and thank you for your continued patience.

Update employees' contact details

Please check all of your employees have current details and make updates in EdPay where necessary. From time to time we do mailouts directly to employees and having correct contact details will ensure that they don't bounce.

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