Payroll Update 27 March 2023

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  • Coming soon: Auto Increments screen in EdPay
  • PPTA members strike on 29 March

Coming soon: Auto Increments screen in EdPay

An Auto Increments screen will be coming to EdPay soon. The screen will list all the non-teachers at your school who are eligible to receive their annual automatic salary increase (auto increment) within the next 90 days. You will be able to defer increments in EdPay, and these employees will no longer appear in the Attestation report from 4 April 2023.

Teachers, and non-teachers who are not eligible to receive yearly auto increments, will remain on the Attestation report that can be downloaded from EdPay.

How to use the screen

Go to EdPay | My School | Administration.

On the Auto Increments screen, you will see your school’s employees who are eligible for an auto increment within the next 90 days.

Employees will be sorted under headings according to their role and employment agreement eg Administrators on APEC Agreement or Teacher Aides on TAPEC Agreement.

If an employee has already been deferred for the upcoming anniversary, their status will show as ‘Deferred’. Once an employee’s anniversary date has passed (see Increment Due column), they will no longer appear on the screen.

If the automatic increment is to go ahead as planned, you don’t need to take any action in the Auto Increment screen.

What to do if an auto increment needs to be deferred

If the auto-increment needs to be deferred, you need to click the Defer button next to each employee’s name. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm the deferral. Click Defer to confirm.

Deferrals will be shown in the Activity History in EdPay.

Regularly check the Auto Increments screen

Regularly check the Auto Increments screen as increments can occur at different times of the year.

Thank you to our Beta school group, who provided valuable feedback on the screen.

More information

EdPay Training | Deferring automatic salary increments for non-teachers(

Attestation reports (

PPTA members strike on 29 March

PPTA members covered by collective agreements for secondary school teachers and area school teachers are planning a full day strike on Wednesday 29 March 2023. 

You will need to follow the same process in EdPay for the 29 March strike as you did for the 16 March strike.

The Strike Action screen will be available on Wednesday morning to confirm whether or not the teachers at your school are taking part in the strike. We will send out a reminder on the day to let you know you can start entering your information. This information must be submitted before the screen closes at 5pm Thursday 30 March.

The Strike Action screen will show several drop-down boxes, you will need to select the applicable collective agreement and date to enter the strike information. 

IMPORTANT: If a part-time teacher is taking part in the strike, please make sure to enter the hours they would usually work on 29 March into the Usual Part-Time Hours Worked column as we want to ensure they are paid correctly. Our website has more information on this that covers different scenarios.

The other drop-down boxes will show information that was submitted for the 16 March strike. This information is available for schools’ records only and cannot be changed in EdPay. 

Using the screen

The screen is in EdPay under My School | Administration. All the employees have been given the status of ‘Yes’ in the ‘Participated in strike’ column. You will need to change their status to No if they are not participating.

Employees who are on individual employment agreements will not be listed on the Strike Action screen. 

There may be non-PPTA members on the screen and their status will need to be changed to No. 

If a teacher is on leave for another reason, their status must be changed to ‘No’ and leave applied for in the Leave screen on EdPay, so that they are paid as usual.

The Strike Action screen must also be printed out and signed by the principal, then filed as your school’s official record. Please do not send the signed version or pdfs to Education Payroll. Strike information must be submitted in EdPay. 

Send an EP31 form for short-term relievers

Short-term relievers are not listed in the Strike Action screen.

If you have a short-term reliever scheduled to work at your school on the day of the strike and they are participating in the strike, you’ll need to submit an EP31 form for them. The EP31 will need to include how many hours each reliever was scheduled to work, their MoE number and job number. Multiple employees can be submitted on the same EP31.

Send the EP31 to with the subject of: Strike relievers, with their names, and MoE numbers. 

Do not submit a timesheet for short-term relievers for the hours that they were on strike. 

Instructions for completing the Strike Action screen ( 

Frequently asked questions (

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