Payroll Update 22 June 2023

News for School Payroll Staff


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1. Hours change, leave without pay or termination date – please update EdPay straight away

When an employee has made a pay-affecting change, we need to know about this in EdPay as soon as possible to avoid them being paid incorrectly. For example:

  • hours have changed, or
  • taking leave without pay, or
  • termination date that falls in the same pay period or a future date.

When we are told about changes that affect the next pay, but we are told after the cut-off date, the employee's next pay may be incorrect. They may have deductions taken from a future pay to make up for any overpayments. This can be distressing, and none of us want that. To avoid overpayments please update EdPay with pay affecting changes as soon as you know about them.

2. Timesheet cut-off dates reminder

To ensure timesheets are included in the pay period, send manual timesheets to us by 5pm on day 6, or enter timesheets in EdPay by 5.30pm on day 9 of the fortnightly pay cycle

3. Out-of-cycle payments and cut-off dates changing for pay period 8 due to Matariki public holiday

The out-of-cycle payments and cut-off dates are changing in pay period 8, to avoid the Matariki public holiday.

The new days and times for pay period 8 only, are:

  • 12 pm 12 July – out of cycle cut-off (was 12pm 13 July)
  • 13 July – out of cycle payments paid (was 14 July).

The pay cycle will go back to the usual cycle from pay period 9.

4. Holiday pay reduction for some teachers

If a teacher has taken unpaid leave during a school term, a holiday pay reduction may be needed. We calculate these at the beginning of each term break, and reductions are applied in the pay that falls during that term break. Secondary, primary and area schools have different holiday pay reduction rules, see the links to each collective agreement from the holiday pay reduction page (

5. Pay equity payment for school librarians and science technicians

Librarians, library assistants, and science technicians will receive the first payment of their pay equity pay rates on 8 August 2023 (pay period 10), backdated to 23 November 2022.

When pay equity translation occurs, employees will receive a 1.5 percent increase on their pay rate effective from 2 June 2023. This is applied in line with agreed changes in the Support Staff in Schools’ Collective Agreement.

The Ministry of Education’s pay equity claim settlement pages for librarian and library assistants or science technicians will be updated when there is more info about former employees' entitlements. The application process is likely to open from late July 2023.

Make sure employees are on the right designation code before 31 July 2023

Check the payroll information you have for librarians, library assistants and science technicians, including their designation codes. Any changes required must be made before 31 July 2023 so that they are on the correct pay grade and step before the new rates are applied.

  • The S89 designation code is for science technician employees only.
  • Other types of technicians (eg food or woodwork technicians) should be on the S87 designation code, not S89.

Employees with multiple roles need separate designation codes and job numbers for each role

Employees who have multiple roles, such as an administrator and a librarian, need to have separate designation codes and job numbers for each role on EdPay.

For advice about employees with multiple roles please contact NZSTA (

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