Payroll Update 21 February 2022

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21 February 2022

Kia ora

Just a quick reminder that the Start of Year screen closes in EdPay at 5pm on 25 February (so your restart job tab needs to be zero by then) and that annualisation top-ups are happening in pay period 24. The 2021 error reports are now available to download from the Ministry's Secure Data Portal.

Key dates

  • 4 February – SAAR and Leave Liability Reports available in EdPay
  • 23 February – pay day for PP24
  • 23 February – annualisation top-up paid
  • 25 February – Start of Year screen closes

Start of Year restart job tab should be zero – reminder

Restart job tab counter

Please check to make sure that you have restarted all your term-time-only employees and fixed-term teachers for the 2022 school year. You can check if there are any jobs remaining in the Start of Year restart job tab.

Click the Add employee to be restarted box to see which employees still have jobs to be restarted.

Term-time-only employee start dates

Use your employee's actual start date for term-time-only employees. Please note they cannot start on a weekend or a public holiday.
Term-time-only employees who do not return at the school's start date also need to have LWOP booked from 7 February 2022 until the day before the employee is due to return. Not completing this step could result in overpayments.

Returning teacher start dates

Regardless of what date the school opens for instruction, if a returning fixed-term teacher is employed at your school, 28 January is their start date in the Start of Year screen. If a fixed-term teacher is starting after your school's start date, please see page 6 of the Start of Year Guide 2022 to see whether leave should be booked.
Note: in order to make changes to an employee's hours, allowances, funding etc, you must first submit their start and end dates in the Start of Year screen.

Employees not returning

If any employees who have left your school are still showing in the Add employee to be restarted box, please use EdPay to terminate their job.

Reminder: annualisation top-up will be in pay period 24

Any 2021 annualised employees who completed the annualisation period (which ends 30 January 2022) and are owed a top-up amount, will receive it in pay period 24 (pay day 23 February). Top-up amounts may include a holiday pay top-up for additional hours worked throughout the year, or a percentage of gross earnings for pay periods 19 to 22 if someone was term-time-only in 2020, but annualised in 2021.

2021 audit reports available

The 2021 audit reports, which schools require in order to complete their financial statements, are now available.

The following reports are available from EdPay:

  • School Annual Accrual Report (SAAR)
  • Leave Liability Reports.

The following reports are now available for download from the Ministry's Secure Data Portal:

  • Overpayments Error Schedule
  • Stop Pays Error Schedule
  • Funding Code Error Schedule.

Key audit dates

  • 4 February – reports are available in EdPay
  • 31 March – financial statements should be with auditors
  • 31 May – annual reports to be submitted to the Ministry.

For more information about audit reports, check the Audit requirements for payroll records page on the website.

The Ministry of Education has prepared a detailed instructions document, which you can download from its website.
If you need help with these instructions or have specific questions about preparing the 2021 annual financial statements, contact your regional Ministry school financial advisor:

School finance advisor, region and contact details

Tai Tokerau
Corrine Gillum
Phone: 09 436 8908

Rebecca Cook
Phone: 09 632 9481

Alan Smith
Phone: 07 850 8984

Hawke's Bay / Tairāwhiti
Nneka Okonta
Phone 06 833 8471

David Hyland
Phone: 04 463 8673

Hannah Levy
Phone 03 474 6695

Carmel Riordan
Phone: 09 632 9440

Bay of Plenty / Waiariki
Jodie Hickson
Phone 07 349 7460

Taranaki / Whanganui / Manawatu
Peter White
Phone 06 757 6496

Nelson / Marlborough / West coast, Wellington
Andrew Seagar
Phone 04 463 4825

Alex Dieudonne
Phone 03 378 7362

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