20 December 2022 – bulk restart issue resolved

We have resolved the issue with people getting error messages when submitting bulk restart requests in the SoY restart employees screen. People will now get the message "We are processing your request in the background. Your employee(s) will be restarted once you see their line(s) for the new school year in your Start of Year report."

Thank you for your patience while we worked to get this sorted.

13 December 2022 update – Errors when bulk restarting employees in EdPay SoY screen

We are investigating a technical issue where some requests to restart employees in EdPay are timing out and generating an error when being done in batches.

Please check whether or not the transaction has been processed before resubmitting. You can do this by checking your SOY report in a new tab. The most reliable way to ensure that these transactions will not generate errors is to submit them individually.

We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to resolve this. We will let you know when it is resolved.

12 December 2022 – Errors when bulk restarting employees in SoY

Some schools are experiencing issues with the restart employee screen in Start of Year when restarting employees in bulk (or in batches). In the interim, you are able to restart employees individually and may be able to restart in smaller batches.  

We are investigating the issue and will let you know when it is resolved.