Smart Forms

A Smart Form is a PDF that you can type information directly into and email to the pay centre, rather than having to print out, handwrite, scan, and send it in.

Most of our forms are Smart Forms - consult the Forms page to see if the form you need to use is a Smart Form.

Smart Form tips:

1. Smart Forms are designed to work by first saving them to your computer before filling them in.

2. Use the latest version of Adobe Reader to open Smart Forms. Download it for free from the Adobe website

3. If you're using a Mac computer, make sure you've enabled JavaScript - details of how to do this are under Software Requirements

4. Mac computers often default to the built-in PDF viewer called Preview - please ensure you're opening forms in Adobe Reader as they were specifically designed to work using this software.

5. You can make Adobe Reader your default PDF viewer by following the instructions below:

MAC OS Users

  • Select any PDF file saved to your computer. Control-click to open the menu and choose File > Get Info
  • From the Open with: drop-down menu, select Adobe Reader
  • Click the Change All button, and then click Continue


  • Select any PDF file saved to your computer. Right-click to open the menu and select Open with: > Choose Default Program…
  • A list of Recommended Programs will appear and Adobe Reader will appear if installed – select it
  • Always use the selected program to open this kind of file should be automatically ticked. Click OK

Some operating systems may be slightly different – talk to the person who manages your IT if you require additional help.

6. We do not need to see a signature on Smart Forms (except for forms sent to the Salary Assessment Unit) as they are considered approved when sent from an Authorised User's email address.

7. Save time and avoid delays by sending Smart Forms through to as soon as they're complete. You can still print and sign them afterwards if required for your own records.

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