The schools’ pay cycle has changed

The schools' pay cycle has changed and these changes will affect some school employees. The information on this page is for school employees. You can download a printable copy of this page here here. [PDF 605KB]

Education Payroll works with your school payroll administrator and principal to process and deliver your pay each fortnight, on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

Why has the pay cycle changed? 

Previously your school’s payroll administrator could submit payments through EdPay up until cut-off on the Monday just before pay day, and they would have been included in your pay. Due to changes made by the bank that processes the pay, we have moved the cut-off back to the Thursday before pay day. This means any payments submitted after this cut-off will be processed but not paid to you until the following pay day. 

What is different? 

Any employee payments submitted to EdPay from the Friday to the Tuesday just before pay day, will be paid in the next pay period. 

Out-of-cycle payments 

We’ve introduced an out-of-cycle option, to be used in cases of employee financial hardship. Your school can use this to pay you if you simply can’t wait until the next pay day to be paid. These out-of-cycle payments are paid on the Friday after pay day.

What is staying the same? 

You’ll still be paid for any days worked over each two-week period.

Who is affected?

Day-to-day relievers and employees paid via timesheets

If you work on the Friday or Monday just before pay day, you will be paid for those days on the pay day in the next pay period, just as you previously did when you worked on the Tuesday just before pay day.

This does not apply if the hours are able to be submitted into EdPay in advance, before the Thursday cut-off.

Employees receiving one-off payments for allowances, extra hours

If these are submitted into EdPay after the Thursday 5.30pm cut-off, they will be paid in the next pay period.

Employees on leave

If you take leave on the Friday, Monday or Tuesday just before pay day, your leave balance and pay (if it’s leave without pay) won’t be adjusted until the next pay period, unless the leave is submitted into EdPay before the Thursday cut-off.

What does the change mean?

Any payments submitted to EdPay from 5.30pm Thursday — Tuesday, will be paid in the next pay period.