Passwords for EdPay

Your log in for EdPay is your MOE number. You can reset your password from EdPay directly by clicking the ‘forgot password’ link. This will send your reset to the email you provided as an authorised user. If you are not currently an authorised user, you will need to send in an EdPay 5 form to become one.

If you are unable to reset your password this way, please call your payroll team on 0508 668 6729 and they will be able to reset your password while you’re on the phone.

We are unable to reset your password via email due to security reasons.

Protect your password

Don’t share your EdPay or any other passwords with anyone, especially not through unsolicited emails, calls or texts. Remember that EPL won’t ever email or text asking you for your password.
Here are some useful sites where you can find more information: