Payroll processes: frequently asked questions

Salary changes

Question Answer
Who inputs salaries? Education Payroll sets up a new employee's salary. They use the details on the NOVO1 or NOVO1nt form sent in by the school.
When the administrator's salary changes can we do it online or do we have to send a signed form? Changes to non-teacher's salaries can be done online, but please remember authorised users can't change their own details (this is an audit requirement).
Can Education Payroll alter instructions without the school knowing, for example if an employee is on ACC leave? No, with one exception. Education Payroll has authority to change the leave type from ACC leave to sick leave, if ACC advises the claim was declined or never received.
Are stop pays available, and are they on a Tuesday? Not anymore. Education Payroll has not offered stop pays since 20 April, 2022.
What happens with service based payments? Education Payroll automatically processes payments for eligible staff.

Changing Details

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When a transaction is submitted where and how can we view it? You can see the transaction in your EdPay dashboards and the SUE reports.
Can the principal make changes and the administrator send it? The principal is an authorised user and can make changes which another authorised user can then send, providing neither party is making or sending changes to their own details (there are separate procedures for updating your own details).
On the timesheet entry where can we put the department code, not just the funding code? In the drop down menu you will see a description as well as codes. Your selection incorporates both funding and department codes.
When we change employment details can we save without submitting? No. EdPay uses live information to update, so you will need to submit as you go. This avoids submissions being saved, but not submitted in error.
Can we enter and change work patterns (rosters) for non-teaching staff in EdPay? Yes. You can process this in EdPay using a pay details change. If you cannot submit this on EdPay, send a NOVO2nt to us and keep the original for your school records.
How does the Education Payroll contact schools if they need more information? We will contact you by email.
In the address update screen is the postcode linked to a postcode finder? You can use the 'look up' for a list of valid postcodes and you can also search by suburb.

Emergency details

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How do we put emergency contact details into EdPay and is it mandatory?

Your school will need to keep your own records of Emergency contact lists. It it is best practice to have these details. 

Job numbers

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How are job numbers allocated? All employees are allocated the first available job number, irrespective of the employment agreement.

New employees

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How do we enter employees who are complex to set up - for instance higher duties or foreign language assistants? The new hire process on EdPay applies for all new employees. A Payroll Advisor can help you with complex queries.
Do we have to print out forms to get new employees signatures for our records? There is an Employee details form on our Training page that you can use to gather information from new employees. Employees can sign this form. Keep this for your school records, but Education Payroll does not need to see a copy of this. 
Do we need to send a signed form when we employ a new staff member?

No. You can submit all new hire information in EdPay. We don't need to see a signed form from the employee. Keep signed contract information as part of your school records.