Sick leave entitlements for non-teachers

The table on this page shows the sick leave that will be accrued based on a non-teacher's accumulated service.
See Sick leave for non-teachers.

'Per year' means 365 days of service.

To estimate the next sick leave entitlement date for an employee, contact the Education Payroll Service Centre and ask them to work out how long until the employee reaches their next entitlement. An employee's current sick leave entitlement can be found on the School Annual and Sick Leave report.


Ensure you read the relevant employment agreement carefully for full details of their leave provisions.
See the Ministry of Education's website: Employment agreements 
Contact NZ School Trustees Association if you need help to interpret employment agreement details.

Collective Entitlement
Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement
  • 10 days per year 

The first sick leave entitlement is granted on appointment.

  • School Caretakers' and Cleaners' (including Canteen Workers) Collective Agreement
  • Secondary and Area School Groundstaff Collective Agreement
  • 10 days per year

The first sick leave entitlement is granted on appointment.

Kaiarahi i te Reo and Therapists' Collective Agreement See Table C in Sick leave entitlements for teachers and principals
Special Residential Schools' Collective Agreement
  • 10 days per year
  • Community Education Collective Agreement
  • Adult and Community Education Agreement (ACE)
  • Out of Hours Music Tutors Agreement
  • Out of School Carers Agreement
  • School Hostel Workers Agreement
  • 10 days after 6 months service
  • 10 days per year thereafter