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Does EdPay use department codes in reports? Yes. EdPay uses the department codes already set up - you can see these on your SUE report. You can also set up new department codes for your school by contacting your payroll advisor. (should be available in EdPay in 2022)
Note: If you have set up your own department codes the description may show incorrectly on a report. This is due to a system defect.
Are there templates for CSV files? What format do we need to use to upload our timesheet? Yes. There is atimesheet CSV template available. It does not provide data validation so this must be correct before uploading the CSV to EdPay. You will not be able to edit the information after upload.
Our department codes are general ledger codes, not Ministry ones - does this affect reporting? No. Schools can set up their own individual department codes, which will show on the SUE report.
Which reports are for audit purposes? Any or all reports may be required by your auditor. The SUE reports, Annual Accrual and Leave Liability, and CSV downloads from timesheets and leave are the reports most likely to be asked for. These reports must be in PDF format.
Can reports printed from EdPay be used as source documents for audit purposes? Yes. The PDF versions of EdPay reports can be used as source documents. You must also keep original signed forms and approvals (or copies if you have to send the originals in).

What reports can we get?

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Are there reports for annual and sick leave? At the moment the Leave Liability report is not available. You can view leave balances and booking details for individual employees in EdPay.
A Leave Liability report will be included in the School Annual Accrual report (SAAR), which is available in February.
Can we run a report with emergency contact details? No. But you can see these details for individual employees in My HR.
Can we get a list of employees who don't have an email address loaded into Novopay Online? No. However, in the Payslip Re-mail screen, under My Reporting, you can see a list of all your employees and if they have an email address loaded.
This information can then be copied and pasted into an Excel spreadsheet, which you can filter as required.
Can we get a report showing all details for one employee? No. These details are all available for viewing online in various screens (see your user guide for details).
Can we get a leave report for just one person? As an authorised user, you can view and print an individual employee's leave details in Novopay Online from 'My HR' using the 'individual leave details' screen. You can also view the leave for individuals or all employees at your school by using 'School leave balance'.
The details shown will show the date that leave is accrued to; this is likely to be the end date of the last pay period.
Can we see records for an employee who works for another school? No. You can only see records for your own school.
Is there a unit/SMA/MMA report? There is no separate report for allowances. This information is available in your SUE report (which you can filter by allowance code).
Can we run our own reports on demand? Reports that are available can be found in the My Reporting/School Reports tab in Novopay Online.
All reports can be downloaded at any time; however the information in the report will be as at the generation date and time shown in the report header. For details for different reports, see Reports.
Can we write our own custom reports? At this stage only pre-defined reports are available.

Can we get a list of staff by job type?

No. But you can save your SUE report in Excel and sort your employees by the column named 'Collective agreement'.
Or, in Novopay Online under My School > Appointment details > Appointment summary, you can view all staff and filter by employment type.

Report information

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How do we find an employee's original start date (not just the date at our school)? You send a request to the Education Payroll Service Centre if you need this information.
Do we get confirmation of data entered in Novopay Online? Yes. The advantage of working online is that you know straight away that your entries have been captured, as you get a 'success' message at the end of the validation process. If you query the employee again, you will see their changed details.
If you are sending instructions by email, you get an auto-reply to confirm it has been received. You can then download the daily transaction report from Novopay Online to review any other transactions processed.
Can we print payroll changes out immediately? You can use the Print Screen button (top right hand side of your screen) to print out the details of your entries. Or, if you're in the Employment Changes screen (under the My School tab), you can click on Report and get a spreadsheet of your changes. You can also print out any screen using the print button on your keyboard.
How do we print the reports available in My Reporting? In My Reporting, select the report you want, select the date range required from the drop down menu, then choose the format. The report will appear on your screen and you can save it to your computer, or print it from there using the Print Screen button on the top right hand side of your screen.
Can I access a report when I'm away from the office? Yes, if you have Internet access.

SUE reports

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When are draft SUE reports available? The 1st draft SUE report is available in Novopay Online from 9.00 am on the second Thursday of each pay period (day 9).
The 2nd draft SUE report is available in Novopay Online from 9.00 am on the Monday before employees are paid (day 13).
See Cut-off times for pay instructions for more detail.
Do we get an email reminder that our SUE report is ready? No. Your final SUE report is available in Novopay Online when the pay run is complete.
Do we have to rely on the draft SUE report to identify errors? Yes. But you can use this in conjunction with the timesheet and leave screens in EdPay. See Check 1st draft SUE report.
Can we access past SUE reports - how far back can we go? Specify the required pay period date in Novopay Online to download an earlier SUE report. SUE reports are available in Novopay Online for 15 months. Older reports are archived, so if you cannot find a report online, contact the Education Payroll Service Centre.
Where can we get a copy of our SUE report? You can access the SUE report under My Reporting in Novopay Online. See Staff Usage and Expenditure (SUE) report.
Our SUE report is blank - what do we do now? Contact the Education Payroll Service Centre who can help with technical issues.
Can we email the SUE report to our accountant? Yes. You can download the report and email it to your accountant, if this is an approved practice in your school. See Staff Usage and Expenditure (SUE) report.
Can we export the SUE report into an accounting package? Yes. The SUE report is available in CSV format and can be exported. See Staff Usage and Expenditure (SUE) report.

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