End of Year processing

The End of Year processing phase requires you to enter data into the End of Year screen and complete processing in Novopay Online, and to complete the required forms. This ensures the correct calculation and payment of holiday pay.

You can download and use the End of Year 2019 Guide (PDF) to guide you through the End of Year processing tasks.

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The End of Year screen is only available from 09 October to 25 November 2019. It is critical that you complete all of your End of Year processing between these dates.

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Using the data recorded in your End of Year Report, work through the following steps to complete processing:

  • Open the End of Year Screen in Novopay Online. (the screen will be available from 10 October)
  • Enter the last day of duty for any term-time only auto paid employees or fixed-term teachers if it is different from the school's 2019 end date. See Last Day of Duty.
  • Book leave for any 52-week non-teachers taking leave that has not already been booked.
  • Enter terminations in the End of Year screen or complete NOVO6 forms, depending on the employee type and circumstances. See End of Year terminations.
  • Check that all authorised users in your school, including the principal, have submitted all End of Year changes and sent any required forms to your School Account Team.
  • Download the End of Year report to check the submitted changes, then validate End of Year data.
  • Print a final copy of the End of Year Report for your records.

Important: Do not click EoY Complete until you are sure that all authorised users at your school have submitted their End of Year changes, and you have downloaded your final End of Year Report. Once the EoY Complete button is clicked, the End of Year screen closes and you will not be able to make further changes using this screen.

  • When you are sure that all data has been submitted correctly, click the EoY Complete button to complete End of Year processing. This must be done by 5.00pm 25 November 2019.

Changes after 25 November 2019

  • If a termination has been entered in error, complete a NOVO6r form to reverse it.
  • If a termination has been submitted with an incorrect termination date, complete a NOVO6r form to reverse the termination, and a NOVO6 form with the correct termination date.
  • If you discover any other errors in your End of Year processing, contact your School Account Team.
  • If you receive new appointments, resignations or other employee updates, just follow the same process as for other times of the year.
  • If you are submitting a NOVO1 form for a term-time only auto-paid employee (fixed-term or permanent) or a fixed-term teacher who has started at your school in 2019 and is returning in 2020, you must also advise your School Account Team of the employee's last day of duty for 2019. Enter this information in the body of the email when submitting the NOVO1 form. This will ensure that they receive their holiday pay.
  • if you are submitting any type of unpaid leave for an employee after they have been paid their full holiday pay in PP19 or after they have been terminated, you will need to submit this on a NOVO12 form as it is likely an over-payment will have occurred.