Payroll Update 13 March 2024

News for School Payroll Staff


Kia ora koutou

Autumn is here already! We hope that term 1 is progressing well and your ākonga are thriving. 

Here a few payroll reminders:

  • Variations to the Support Staff in Schools’ and Kaiārahi i te Reo and Therapists’ collective agreements
  • Two factor authentication
  • Timesheets for casual employees in EdPay
  • Salary assessment application reminders
  • Tailored tax codes

1. Variations to the Support Staff in Schools’ and Kaiārahi i te Reo and Therapists’ collective agreements

Former and current employees eligible for the variation will receive payment for backdated rates for all holiday pay paid between 1 December 2022–30 November 2023.
Payment will be made on 19 March 2024 (pay period 26). SUE reports for this pay period will show both current and former employees. Schools have already received funding to cover these backdated rate increases for former and current employees.

We will use the last known contact details and bank account information we have for former employees. If their information has changed, they can email or phone 0800 114 117 with their new details.

For more information about this variation go to the Ministry’s website: Variations to the Support Staff in Schools' and Kaiārahi i te Reo and Therapists' collective agreements – Education in New Zealand

2. Two factor authentication

To improve cyber security for the payroll system, we are planning to introduce two-factor authentication (2FA) to EdPay in 2024.

2FA is when you need two methods of identification to access something i.e. a password and something else like a notification on your phone with a temporary access code.
This will add another layer of security to EdPay and is an important way of keeping your school’s payroll information secure.

Thank you to everyone who answered the 2FA survey in EdPay (the survey has now closed). Your feedback will help us understand your preferred 2FA options for schools.

3. Timesheets for casual employees in EdPay

Submitting timesheets for casual employees in EdPay is something schools have been asking for, so we’re happy to let you know you can do this in EdPay now.

You can submit timesheets for casual employees in the same way you do for other employees.

  • On the Casual tab of the Employees Dashboard, select the name of casual employee/s.
  • Select the Plus icon and then the Timesheet icon to open the timesheet form.

If you need help with submitting timesheets, please see the resources we have on under EdPay training | Timesheets

4. Salary assessment application reminders

Teachers can now apply for salary assessments using the online salary assessment portal. Principals need to assign themselves the role of Taku Authorised Payroll User so they can access teacher applications in the portal, sign them off and submit them to EPL for processing.

Principals should also assign the Taku Authorised Payroll User to  payroll administrators, if they want them to access the portal to complete an optional review of the documents that have been uploaded by a teacher applying for salary assessment.

While teachers use their Education Sector Log-on to log in to the portal, this additional Taku Authorised Payroll User role should only be assigned to school principals or payroll administrators. Teacher applicants should not be assigned this role.

If you have assigned the Taku Authorised Payroll User role to a teacher, please remove this role from their Education Sector Logon account. Information about how to do this is on the Ministry’s website – How to update user roles in applications 

Salary assessment points of contact

Ministry of Education Service Desk - for your salary assessment portal access queries

For all enquiries about Education Sector Log-ons, portal access and visibility of applications.
0800 422 599
EPL Salary Assessment Unit - for your application queries

For enquiries related to submitting, checking, signing-off and the progress of teachers’ salary assessment applications. 
0508 668 6729 option 3

EdPay website – for salary assessment guidance

Before you use the salary assessment portal for the first time, go to for comprehensive guidance, including step-by-step videos. 

5. Tailored tax codes

If an employee provides you with a tailored tax certificate from Inland Revenue, please update their tax code in EdPay to STC (Special tax code) before the end of the financial year (31 March 2024).

When the code is changed to STC, we’ll send you a request for a copy of the tailored tax certificate. Please reply to the request with a copy of the tax certificate.

To change an employee’s tax code in EdPay

1. Select the employee.
2. Select Financial details.
3. Scroll down to Other financial details.
4. Select the pencil icon in the right corner.
5. Select the + symbol next to the tax code.
6. Select the new tax code: STC.
7. Select SEND

Please ignore the start and end date that displays when you click save – your EPL payroll advisor will update it.

For more information about tailored tax, please refer to Inland Revenue’s website – Employees with tailored tax codes

A huge thank you for completing your Start of Year payroll tasks in EdPay! As a sector we’ve collectively processed 440,000 payroll instructions since 04 December 2023.

We appreciate what a busy time of year this is for you, and payroll duties are often one in a long list of things you’re responsible for.  Thanks for continuing to work with us to make sure all school employees are paid correctly and on time. 

Ngā mihi
Education Payroll